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What NMIA Members are Reading

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Why They Hate Us: The Role of Social Dynamics

Cass R. Sunstein
An essay from the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy archives with five lessons about the role social dynamics (individual and group behavior) has in terrorism.

Operation Paperclip

The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America

by Annie Jacobsen

Recommended by Don Greiman who says, "Not particularly well-written but worth reading to explore the moral dilemmas associated with strong needs for technology post WWII. There are several references to people and laboratory work by AFRL, and some mention of some of the Germans who came to reside in the Dayton area."

NY Times Review

The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing

Recommended by Jeff Gruner who says, "First-of-its-kind textbook, The Phenomenology of Intelligence-focused Remote Sensing, is now available. Authored by Riverside Research in collaboration with the Air Force Institute of Technology, this graduate-level textbook is the culmination of a proven education program that ran for 10 years and fielded more than 400 analysts to the defense and intelligence communities."

At The Abyss; An Insider’s History of the Cold War

By Thomas Reed , a former Secretary of the Air Force.

Recommended by Steve Williams and Bill Setchell who say: "It’s terrific book and a real page turner.
It’s remarkable in showing the relationship of intelligence, technology and policy. I think it is unique in that respect. I think this one our NMIA members would enjoy and I would recommend it to all new intelligence community employees."

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

By Richards J. Heuer Jr.

Recommended by Don Greiman who says: "Mr Heuer takes a careful look at how the pattern of an individual's thinking can effect the ability to perform analysis. According to Wikipedia, 'Richards (Dick) J. Heuer, Jr. is a former CIA veteran of 45 years and most known for his work on Analysis of Competing Hypotheses and his book, Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.[1] The former provides a methodology for overcoming intelligence biases while the latter outlines how mental models and natural biases impede clear thinking and analysis.'"

Opinions: How to Defeat the Islamic State
By David A. Deptula, a retired Air Force general, who is dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies.

"Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter’s recent remarks on the efficacy of Iraq’s army reflect the fact that, despite years of training by thousands of U.S. and coalition forces, the army has not been able to halt Islamic State aggression. What makes anyone think that a few more months of similar training will yield success?"...

5 November 2015

Lt Gen Deptula to SASC

In a 5 Nov 15 statement before the SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE on Revisiting the Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces, Lt Gen USAF Retired David Deptula, Dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies talked about the need for change and the inertia that must be overcome.